In case you guys are looking for vids to do gifsets, or just because you wanna look the cast @ sdcc 14 :)

The Mid-Season trailer : x

Individual interviews :

  • Holland Roden : x
  • Dylan O’Brien : x
  • Tyler Posey : x
  • Tyler Hoechlin : x
  • Shelley Hennig : x
  • Jr Bourne : x
  • Dylan Sprayberry : x

Cast vids :

  • clevver tv interviews : x (fanfiction one), x, x
  • entertainment weekly itw : x
  • mtv interview : x
  • panels : x-x-x or x
  • fan vids in the autographs line : x, x

Press Room :

  • Shelley and Dylan : x, x, x
  • JR and Hoechlin : x, x
  • Jeff Davis : x, x
  • Holland Roden : x
  • Posey and Sprayberry : x, x

EDIT : 26/07 23:20 PM ;) (new stuffs in bold)

Here’s something to tide you guys over for now!




I was about to be mad and the I just started laughing


Femslash Week 2014!

Mark your calendars, because Monday August 4th to Sunday 10th, twfemslash is hosting femslash week! We accept all mediums and ships featuring established female characters. 

The themes for the week are

Monday Supernatural
Tuesday Kink/PWP
Wednesday Rare Pairs
Thursday AU/Crossovers/Fusions
Friday Future
Saturday Polyamorous
Sunday Tropes

When posting, use the tag #twfemslash. More details about the event and the themes can be found here. Prompts are accepted until August 3rd, just send us an ask


@SinquaWalls: good times @regardmag #ESPY pool party I managed not 2 get wet @rnt23_jeans #pumalife @uber_la #MrBackSeatDriver

Do you guys know the song, Rude by Magic?


Tyler Posey being funny (like always)

Comic Con Arrivals - July 24th.